The Story of Hide & Scríobh

When the love for leather and calligraphy come togther..

For years it was a dream to own a business personalising bags so in the summer of 2019 I looked into it more seriously.  Things were really taking shape when the dreaded lockdown came in March 2020 and everything went on hold for a few weeks including my trip to Italy to visit my manufacturer. 

I started up my calligraphy instagram page (@scriobh_calligraphy) to keep me occupied and keep me focused on practising my calligraphy in the mean time. While Scríobh Calligraphy was a lot more busy  than I ever anticipated I was working away in the background on my bag business. I knew I wanted it to be truly unique so I began experimenting  with calligraphy on leather and of course I wanted to keep the connection between Scríobh Calligraphy and this new business and that’s how Hide & Scríobh was born (Hide meaning leather in this case).  

Keeping with the Irish theme each bag and purse have been given an Irish name (apart from one,  which is the Olivia bag, named after my mother who has ALWAYS been my biggest support and best friend!)

So that’s it in a nutshell.

 I want you to know that this is only the very beginning for Hide & Scríobh!


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